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Only $4.99 per month to teach kids financial responsibility

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  • Includes debit cards for up to five kids
  • First replacement cards free
  • No transaction, transfer, or overdraft fees
  • No minimum age. No minimum balance
Only 4.99 per month to teach kids financial responsibility

What parents love about Greenlight

Chores management

Set up weekly and one-time chores and motivate kids to do them by tying completion to allowances or one-time rewards.

Automated allowances

Schedule allowances to transfer weekly or monthly. Allocate funds to Spend, Save, and Give accounts.

Instant transfers to kids’ cards

Send kids money on the spot no matter where they are.

Real-time transaction notifications

Receive alerts anytime the card is used. Even when the card is declined.

Flexible store-level spend controls

Greenlight is the only debit card that gives parents the flexibility to choose the exact stores where kids can spend.

Educational app for kids (optional)

Kids with smart devices can track balances in their Spend, Save and Give accounts with a special version of the app just for them. (Kids without devices can still use the card.)

Turn card on or off from the app

If lost or stolen, parents and kids can turn the card off in an instant from the app.

Parent-Paid Interest on savings

Set Parent-Paid Interest rates on Save accounts to demonstrate the magic of compound interest.

Custom Saving Goals

Kids create saving goals and track their progress.

Gifting from family and friends

Kids can receive money from friends and family directly to their card through Greenlight Gift.

ATM controls

Control whether your child can use their card at ATMs and decide how much they can withdraw.

Direct deposit

Teens with jobs can set up direct deposit and get paid directly into their Greenlight account.

Apple Pay enabled

Kids can add their Greenlight card to their Apple Pay.

Referral bonus

Refer a friend to Greenlight and you’ll both receive $10.

No foreign transaction fees

There are no foreign transaction fees for the 100+ countries where Greenlight works.

Optional extras

Custom Greenlight Card for $9.99.

Expedited shipping 2–3 day shipping for $24.99.

Regular shipping (7–10 days) is free.

Find our terms and complete breakdown of fees here.

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