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Deactivate your child's credit card through our app

Freeze If Lost

Stuff happens. And with kids, stuff happens a lot. If your child should misplace their card, either you or your child can turn it off with a click in the Greenlight® app. Try that with a $20 bill!

Greenlight safety features

Safety Features

Unlike cash, a Greenlight card comes with a PIN. Plus, there’s no way to tell from looking at a card which stores parents have allowed for purchases. Would-be thieves have their work cut out for them!

accept or decline purchases

No Cash Back

Greenlight cards cannot be used to get cash back from a purchase. This helps ensure that the controls you as a parent place on the card are definitely followed.

block categories of stores

Blocked Categories

As another layer of security, we’ve disabled the card from being used at any store or website in the categories of wire transfers, money orders, escort services, massage parlors, lotteries, gambling, horse racing, and dog racing.

fdic insured card

FDIC Insured

Greenlight accounts are FDIC insured through our partner Community Federal Savings Bank, member FDIC. So the funds you put into Greenlight are insured up to applicable limits. See the Cardholder Agreement for full details.

encrypted communication


All communications between your phone and our servers use 2048-bit and SHA-2 SSL encryption. Our databases are encrypted, too. And any photos that you upload of your child? They’re encrypted as well. And your child’s phone number isn’t even displayed in their Greenlight app, once entered.

safe data

Hardened Storage

Greenlight does not store things like Social Security Number or even your Greenlight Card number. Instead, that’s handled by our world-class partners, who are compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, the benchmark for card-issuing financial institutions.

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