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Made for kids
Built by parents

Greenlight® is the debit card for kids that parents manage from their phones, using our amazing and flexible parental controls.

Flexible control for parents.

With Greenlight, you can pick the kinds of stores -- or even specific stores near you -- where your child can spend. Or let them spend anywhere. It’s all up to you, with our patent-pending parental controls.

More About Controls

credit card with flexible control credit card with flexible control
greenlight credit card

Safer than cash. Wayyy safer.

Cash can be lost, stolen, defaced, or torn.  But a sturdy Greenlight card comes with your child's name (and PIN) built in. And it can be instantly shut off–from either your phone or your child's–the minute it can't be found. Learn More

Using the greenlight app is smart easy and fast. Using the greenlight app is smart easy and fast.


Real-time notifications tell you where and when your child spends. And reporting lets you and your child review spending choices. 

real time notifications


Set Greenlight to pay allowances automatically. No more searching for loose change on allowance days!

manage your kids allowance


Just tap to send instant funds to your child, from wherever you are.  

get money to your kids fast

What people are saying.

“I never have cash these days so when my kids want to go out with their friends, it was always a huge headache. Finally, I have an answer with Greenlight!" Rachelle K. Peachtree Corners, GA

Try us for 30 days, risk-free.

Take a month and see how Greenlight works for you, on us. After your trial ends, pay just $4.99/mo for your whole family.