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How it Works

With Greenlight®, the money you give your child is divided into two categories: money they can Spend Anywhere, and money they can spend ONLY at a store (or a kind of store) you’ve approved in advance. We call these permission-based spending opportunities “a greenlight.”

The amount of money put into each category is controlled by the parent only, and you can change it any time.

If your child tries to spend at a store you haven’t approved in advance, and they don’t have enough Spend Anywhere money, then their card will be declined. Ouch! Fortunately, kids get a version of the app too, so they can check their balances and permissions before they walk into a store.

Notification of when a purchase is made
adding permissions through the app

Adding a Greenlight

It’s a cinch to greenlight a store or category. Just search or browse to find the one you want, and snap! It’s added. You can choose a whole category of stores, or pick just the convenience store on the corner.

Adding funds to child's saving account through the app

Helping Kids Save

Most savings accounts offer really low interest rates making it difficult for your kids to appreciate the value of savings. With Greenlight Savings, you can set your own parent-paid interest rate and help set them up for success.

4.99 per month per family


Greenlight costs just $4.99 per month, per family. Ordinarily, there are no additional fees at all, but for full details see the fee schedule.

accept or decline purchases


If your child is out shopping and wants to make a special purchase over and above the budgets you’ve set, they can send you a real-time request for extra funds. You can approve it or not, as you choose. Watch the Video

works with multiple kids

Multiple Kids

Greenlight works even better if you have more than one child signed up. You can have as many as 5 children connected to your account. And if you do have 5 children, our hats are off to you!

customize your notifications


Stay as much in the know as you want. Greenlight can notify you when and where your child spends, or wants to spend. Or when and where their card gets declined. Or when balances run low. It’s all up to you.

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